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How To Be Truthful To Yourself And Avoid Conflicts

In My Inspirational Thoughts on January 22, 2011 at 6:02 pm
When in a relationship, we are trying to hold things together at all cost and it’s preventing our personal growth, we are not sticking to the truth of who we are. We walk a thin line between creating what we want, making it be and accepting the reality of what is. Alot of times our mind can’t process that these two things can co-exist simultaneously, even though they sound very different, but inside of a relationship this is what people are constantly doing by saying: “here is what I want, here is what I’d like, here is what I’d like to create”, and then they show up in front of each other and they are trying to create a moment they want but they are also looking at an aspect of how this person really is and ask themselves a question: “can I deal with that and is this what I want?” Both of those things happen at the same time.  And this is a conflict, and you are unconscious if you are avoiding this conflict at all costs which means you are just not experiencing the truth. WORLD IS A COMPETITIVE PLACE WHERE PEOPLE HAVE CONFLICTING INTERESTS. Addressing conflicts in a relationship is all part of your personal transformation. You can grow together or you can grow apart, but it’s still a part of your personal transformation. You will love who you are after. You will love how you will be able to create, that you’ll have an experience and consciousness and then you’ll love the relationship you are in and it’s all possible because of addressing the conflicts through staying truthful to yourselves. For example, if there is something that is bothering you, you have to address it, remember, stay truthful to yourself. Most of us at some point, when we are through dealing with conflicts, look back and go “wow, it was amazing!”. What’s very useful is to realize as much as possible, when you are in it, that the journey is “Deeps and Mountains” and I truly believe, you don’t get to the next spot without getting through deeps. Its not that the life has to be all miserable and unhappy but its just the nature of life on this planet and human form, its just all part of it.