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Who You Are Makes a Difference

In My Inspirational Thoughts on September 30, 2012 at 10:37 pm

Each time you define yourself by the self-limiting ideas that dictate where you can or cannot go, whom you can or cannot participate with and what you are allowed to do and not do, you narrow your life choices.

Cultures that limit the full expression and creativity of their people based on traditional beliefs have narrow and inflexible attitudes, these cultures are maintained at the sacrifice of their members. Talents, gifts and ideas are sacrificed because of inflexibility and prejudice but you break through that each time you affirm your right to the life you say you want.

Knowing you have the right to joy, happiness, great health and creative existence is fundamental to life.

You need noone’s approval, nor do you need reasons to make the choices that promise you happiness, stability and joy!

Stepping away from the prescribed dictates of family, culture or religion may be painful at first, but eventually your life becomes defined by the way you live, love and communicate, and the choices you make for your life.

Know you are always part of a greater whole and that who you are makes a difference!

Take a deep breath as you affirm your Being:)