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Don’t Follow Your Mind – Follow Your Heart’s Desire

In My Inspirational Thoughts on January 22, 2011 at 5:41 pm
There is this aspect that after heartbreak or after disappointment that it’s almost safer not to open your heart at all, and that level of manageability and of predictability where you know you are not going to get hurt. And because your heart is not out there, it almost feels a lot better that it would risking it, and it’s a huge trade off ! There is a conflict in every woman’s mind and in every man’s mind too “I don’t want to risk of getting hurt and I’m safe and this is a manageable life for me and I’m not gonna get hurt living this life” and its kind of fulfilling but on Friday/Saturday night you are home and you are watching whatever movie and you are not out and there is another side of you that at the same time says “I would do anything to have that kind of love and connection and experience and fulfilment” that can only come from the thing that I’m protecting myself from. So, these things happen at the same time for a lot of people and if you’ve had heartbreak, this is something that you are really going through and before you are going to be able to move to a place where you can even use ideas that would work in dating and in relationship, you’d have to overcome that conflict and pick a side, really.And that’s when you should follow your heart’s desire. The reason why I say heart’s desire is because the heart is speaking a different language than the mind is speaking, and the mind is saying “I don’t want to risk anything and my life is good enough as it is”, the heart would never say such a thing! The heart only wants to love and be loved and when you turn the volume up and down on your heart, all you have left is the chat of a mind and it will never be satisfying. Yea, it’s making you safe but it’s not heart’s desire. The chat of the mind becomes the chat of the mind, heart expanding equals heart expanding… heart expanding… heart expanding.