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Never Misinterpret Your Feelings

In My Inspirational Thoughts on January 22, 2011 at 5:59 pm
Generally our feelings are very simple, they are very pure – we are angry or sad or we are happy. But our mind goes “I feel abandoned or I feel hopeless” – it wouldn’t even be close to a feeling, it wouldn’t even be a feeling. This brings out the idea of different levels of honestly or being out of touch from our feelings. “I feel like its gonna be difficult” vs “I feel insecure right now” or “I feel afraid”. If we stay grounded to our feelings, we will always know when we are on track or when we are off track. Being true to our feelings, being attached to them will bring us to a different place in a way our mind won’t.
Say, If you pay attention to how you really feel, you’ll notice – I’m really sad again, I’m really frustrated again, I’m really anxious again and you will know what direction you need to move and its all in the simplicity of your feelings.
We can use our feelings to create what we want in our life by taking responsibility for them and learn and grow from them. And it’s a gift of deliberate creation, it’s all about being clear about your intentions and setting your intentions like an energy field that projects out into the world what you want, based on your feelings.
Stay connected to your feelings and use your feelings as a tool to create what you want in your life.