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Emotionally Align Yourself With Your Intentions

In My Inspirational Thoughts on January 22, 2011 at 6:00 pm
Creating your intentions and emotionally aligning your intentions is REALLY living what you want to happen and feeling it, so it is like a dream. Experience what you want to be happening like a day dream and feel the Universe responding. I believe how everything what’s happening for us in life is we are really creating for ourselves. You have to watch what you are creating, if you are creating a nightmare or if you are creating a dream.For example, if you want to have an amazing new relationship and you know that you want to laugh alot and you know that you want to be physically active in this new relationship and you know that you want to feel great and passionate in this relationship, and that you want this relationship to be on fire and if you want to have really deep, soulful, spiritual connection with that someone and share really rich conversations that help you both explore yourselves  – you need to sit with your thoughts and dram up that experience you want if you are creating it right now! Create practice time. Sit with the journal and write down this experience and work up all emotions as if its happening right now. Feel your heart and mind open, feel your energy field expanding. You are creating a state for yourself, and you can’t help but go out into the world in that state and start to attract to yourself what you have created. The universe knows to only respond to your energy field. Whatever you put out there is what you get back. So, if you can create that state of love and openness and enthusiasm and focus and desire, the Universe only knows to respond to that, its just trying to match you.Very important – people around you should be on the same energy level as you are creating. Pay attention to the people who you surround yourself with, what is their energy level like, this way you can learn alot about yourself by who you spend most of the time around and who you are comfortable around. You match your friends on some level. Some of us tend to be attracting wounded birds and these people are sending the signals to the Universe that they don’t want higher experiences. Part of creating the inner atmosphere and the outer energy is a mental gratitude and it can walk you up through a ladder! Go on a rampage of appreciation, appreciate everything and before you know it, your heart will start to expand and your mind won’t hold on to suffering when it’s really grabbing to the gratefulness and appreciation. You’ll create your day with your mind open, your focus open, stay aligned spiritually with your guide within, create your day with laughter!