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The Laws of Love and the Laws of Life

In My Inspirational Thoughts on November 17, 2011 at 11:39 pm

When we make deposits of Unconditional Love, when we live the primary laws of LOVE, we encourage others to live the primary laws of LIFE. In other words, when we truly love others without condition, without strings, WE HELP THEM feel secure and safe and validated and affirmed in their Essential Worth, Identity and Integrity. The natural growth process is encouraged. We make it easier for them to live the laws of life – cooperation, contribution, self-discipline, integrity – and to discover and live true to the highest and best WITHIN them. We give them freedom to act on their own inner imperatives rather than react to our conditions and limitations. This doesn’t mean we become permissive or soft.¬† We counsel, we set limits or consequences – but we love, regardless!

When we attach strings and conditions to that gift, we actually encourage others to VIOLATE the primary LAWS OF LIFE. We put them in a reactive, defensive position where they feel they have to prove “I matter as a person, independent of you.’

In reality they are NOT independent, they are co-dependent. They become reactive, almost enemy-centered, more concerned about defending their “rights” and producing evidence of their individuality instead of listening and honoring their own inner imperatives.

Rebellion is a knot of the heart, not of the mind.

Thus, prizing and loving and being prized or loved is experienced as very growth enhancing. A person who is loved appreciatively, NOT possessively, blooms and develops HIS OWN UNIQUE SELF. The person who loves nonposessively is himself enriched. I am, personally, not proud of what seems to be a fact – when I am not prized and appreciated, I not only feel very much diminished, but my behavior is very much affected by my feelings. When I am prized, I blossom and expand, I am an interesting individual. When I feel unconditional love, I know that nobody is trying to get me to “shape up”. Anyone who attempts to shape up the other person outweighs the value of that person as independent individual with their own inner uniqueness.